Augarten Park #Vienna #Wien

Vienna is considered one of the capitals with the greenest surface in the world.

A list of Public Parks you can find it here:

One of them, that I would like to talk about today is Augarten Park, which is a very interesting one, as you may already see from the pictures below. It is situated in the 2nd district called Leopoldstadt and has a surface of around 52 Hectares.

We have discovered it by mistake … when we were biking on the Danube Canal once (this was before baby Traveler was born). Now we go often there with our baby, since it is a nice flat place, easy to ride on scooter, this time of the year … with a lot of leaves >> perfect to play in them 🙂

What is interesting about this park, is the history of it and of course the 2 aviation towers which also had the role of a bunker during the war. These so-called ‘Flak Turm’ were constructed together with 6 others in the same time, in Vienna there were only 3, the rest were in Berlin and Hamburg.

Close by you can also find the Porcelain Factory, which is still running even now, and you can go inside in specific days to see a live demo how the workers are doing their jobs.

You can reach it very easily with public transportation, and there is also a fancy restaurant inside, close to the porcelain factory if you want to eat something.



Esterhazy Castel in Eisenstadt

Did I told you guys that Austria is a very nice place 🙂 ?

Sure I did … and I will continue to do that …

Me and Mrs Traveler set a personal goal … to discover new places, to live the live an austrian will live, to understand the history of this country and to enjoy our stay here!

So we tried not to go in the same place, more then 2 times, in order to discover as much as we can and to see a lot as we can :). We did a lot of the times, 1 day trips, or 2 days trips out of Vienna (where we had our main Home).

One of these places is the city of Eisenstadt and especially the Esterhazy Castel. Since 1662 the castel is owned by the Hungarian Esterházy family.


This is located in the Burgenlad region, one of the nine regions of Austria.

Austria regions - httpwww.worldeasyguides.comeuropeaustriaaustria-regions-map

I recommend to visit the location during a sunny day, because then you can also walk outside enjoying the garden and lake that are close by.

The price ticket is 9 Euro for an Adult. Maybe a bit too pricy, but it’s a place full of history from where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the history in this region.

You can reach the location easily with the car, but also with the bus and train.

Some more picture below:

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tha tha :)!

Visit to (Stift) Melk

Dear Travelers, Dear Discoverers,

I want to share the experience I had discovering the beautiful Stift Melk. If I would need to translate the word >Stift< I don’t know how I would define it, but I can define this location … and it’s like a school in an abbey/monastery, where the majority of the teachers are Monks.

The place is just amazing! Its situated on the Danube, where also the boats which are cruising on the route Germany >>Danube Delta, are also stopping here, letting thousands of tourists to enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Here you can visit the Abbey Museum, The Church, and the Baroc Gardens. You can also visit the city, small one, but with a long history.

Also, there is a very good local restaurant inside of the Abbey, some restaurants in the city, and of course some on the Danube, where you can also eat some specific fish meals.

You can reach Melk from Vienna or Linz driving on highway A2.

We really enjoyed it, so I will put some pictures I took below:

tha tha :)!

Haus des Meeres in Vienna

Hi Readers,

We live in Vienna since more than 5 years and we have discovered a lot interesting places to see and/or read about.

One of them is the Haus des Meeres. We just visited it last weekend.

Is located in the 6th district, in the Esterhazy Park in a construction that in the past was used as a military bunker.

More details about the bunker you can find here:

What I really enjoy about the place is that you can make an yearly ticket (41 euro instead of 18,50 Euro per one entrance) and enter as many times as you want during 1 year, and you do not even need to sit in the line. You just go in 🙂

This is a perfect location to bring your kids especially when the weather is really nasty for outdoor activities!

If you go there with a babystroller, you can parc it (after you entered and validated your ticket) on the right side, there is a small place to leave your babystroller, or you could go with it until the 9th floor and leave it there.

Of course you can also take it with you, but in some places you will not be able to manage it because of the stairs and so many people being inside.

Main elevator will bring you until 9th floor, and from there another elevator will bring you up 2 more levels.

If you want to eat a tasti cake, do it, the restaurant at the last floor is just amazing!

The view from the last floor is breath taking! You have the chance to see (if the weather is not foggy) other main objectives in Vienna like: AKH (main University hospital); StephansDom (the most known church in Vienna), Prater (the Amusement Park) and others.

You can reach this location by taking the bus 13A or 14A, and they have a bus station called exactly Haus des Meeres. Taxi or Uber is also fine 🙂

Now, the location is under strong expansion, but no worries, these constructions are happening only outside of the building so you can easily access the interior and enjoy the jungle 🙂

Don’t forget to salute the fishes immediatly after you enter the ticket gate, just put your hand in the water and the fishes will come and touch your hand … kids just love it!

Below I am inserting some picture: