Augarten Park #Vienna #Wien

Vienna is considered one of the capitals with the greenest surface in the world.

A list of Public Parks you can find it here:

One of them, that I would like to talk about today is Augarten Park, which is a very interesting one, as you may already see from the pictures below. It is situated in the 2nd district called Leopoldstadt and has a surface of around 52 Hectares.

We have discovered it by mistake … when we were biking on the Danube Canal once (this was before baby Traveler was born). Now we go often there with our baby, since it is a nice flat place, easy to ride on scooter, this time of the year … with a lot of leaves >> perfect to play in them 🙂

What is interesting about this park, is the history of it and of course the 2 aviation towers which also had the role of a bunker during the war. These so-called ‘Flak Turm’ were constructed together with 6 others in the same time, in Vienna there were only 3, the rest were in Berlin and Hamburg.

Close by you can also find the Porcelain Factory, which is still running even now, and you can go inside in specific days to see a live demo how the workers are doing their jobs.

You can reach it very easily with public transportation, and there is also a fancy restaurant inside, close to the porcelain factory if you want to eat something.



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