Esterhazy Castel in Eisenstadt

Did I told you guys that Austria is a very nice place 🙂 ?

Sure I did … and I will continue to do that …

Me and Mrs Traveler set a personal goal … to discover new places, to live the live an austrian will live, to understand the history of this country and to enjoy our stay here!

So we tried not to go in the same place, more then 2 times, in order to discover as much as we can and to see a lot as we can :). We did a lot of the times, 1 day trips, or 2 days trips out of Vienna (where we had our main Home).

One of these places is the city of Eisenstadt and especially the Esterhazy Castel. Since 1662 the castel is owned by the Hungarian Esterházy family.


This is located in the Burgenlad region, one of the nine regions of Austria.

Austria regions - httpwww.worldeasyguides.comeuropeaustriaaustria-regions-map

I recommend to visit the location during a sunny day, because then you can also walk outside enjoying the garden and lake that are close by.

The price ticket is 9 Euro for an Adult. Maybe a bit too pricy, but it’s a place full of history from where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the history in this region.

You can reach the location easily with the car, but also with the bus and train.

Some more picture below:

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tha tha :)!


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