Visit to (Stift) Melk

Dear Travelers, Dear Discoverers,

I want to share the experience I had discovering the beautiful Stift Melk. If I would need to translate the word >Stift< I don’t know how I would define it, but I can define this location … and it’s like a school in an abbey/monastery, where the majority of the teachers are Monks.

The place is just amazing! Its situated on the Danube, where also the boats which are cruising on the route Germany >>Danube Delta, are also stopping here, letting thousands of tourists to enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Here you can visit the Abbey Museum, The Church, and the Baroc Gardens. You can also visit the city, small one, but with a long history.

Also, there is a very good local restaurant inside of the Abbey, some restaurants in the city, and of course some on the Danube, where you can also eat some specific fish meals.

You can reach Melk from Vienna or Linz driving on highway A2.

We really enjoyed it, so I will put some pictures I took below:

tha tha :)!


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