Haus des Meeres in Vienna

Hi Readers,

We live in Vienna since more than 5 years and we have discovered a lot interesting places to see and/or read about.

One of them is the Haus des Meeres. We just visited it last weekend.

Is located in the 6th district, in the Esterhazy Park in a construction that in the past was used as a military bunker.

More details about the bunker you can find here:

What I really enjoy about the place is that you can make an yearly ticket (41 euro instead of 18,50 Euro per one entrance) and enter as many times as you want during 1 year, and you do not even need to sit in the line. You just go in 🙂

This is a perfect location to bring your kids especially when the weather is really nasty for outdoor activities!

If you go there with a babystroller, you can parc it (after you entered and validated your ticket) on the right side, there is a small place to leave your babystroller, or you could go with it until the 9th floor and leave it there.

Of course you can also take it with you, but in some places you will not be able to manage it because of the stairs and so many people being inside.

Main elevator will bring you until 9th floor, and from there another elevator will bring you up 2 more levels.

If you want to eat a tasti cake, do it, the restaurant at the last floor is just amazing!

The view from the last floor is breath taking! You have the chance to see (if the weather is not foggy) other main objectives in Vienna like: AKH (main University hospital); StephansDom (the most known church in Vienna), Prater (the Amusement Park) and others.

You can reach this location by taking the bus 13A or 14A, and they have a bus station called exactly Haus des Meeres. Taxi or Uber is also fine 🙂

Now, the location is under strong expansion, but no worries, these constructions are happening only outside of the building so you can easily access the interior and enjoy the jungle 🙂

Don’t forget to salute the fishes immediatly after you enter the ticket gate, just put your hand in the water and the fishes will come and touch your hand … kids just love it!

Below I am inserting some picture:



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